Monday, April 16, 2012

Engagement! (A shock to us all)

This is a shocking post, especially JUST after my Marriage phobia blog. But miracles never cease! So, the relationship had started to get to that point. Me and Bryce either needed to break up or get married. Of course, I would have  been happy to date for another 5 years, but it just wasn't realistic.

So on Wednesday, February 29, Hell froze over. (It really did. It snowed like 4 inches that night after not snowing all winter.) It was Leap Year Day, and I wasn't really paying it any heed. But Leap Year would not be ignored because all the planets had aligned on that special day. (My friend John wrote on Facebook that something crazy would happy on Leap Year day because the planets were aligned...who knew that he was pychic?!)

I finished my internship at KSL that night around 9 p.m. as usual. But Bryce wanted to take me out to dinner because I was leaving the next morning to fly to Seattle for a Journalism Conference. So in the middle of the blizzard, we drove to Bombay House in SLC. It is totally my favorite restaurant. We ate dinner in record time, and then Bryce took me back to get my car and we dropped it off at the airport so I could drive myself back after my trip.

Then Bryce turns to me and says, "We should go on an adventure." And I was like, "No way! I am super tired and I still have to pack and it is snowing like crazy. Let's just go home and hang out." But he would not be deterred (this is where I started to get a little suspicious.)

So we drove to a hill overlooking the SLC temple, and Bryce pulled off on the side of the road. I was starting to get a little bit puzzled when he pulled a big box from his backseat and gave it to me. I opened the box to find a homemade card on top of lots and lots of confetti paper. The card read: "Happy Leap Year Day Faith." Then the inside said: "Let's take a LEAP of Faith."

My heart began to pound as I realized what this meant. I fished around inside the confetti and then grabbed onto it. A small box. I pulled it out of the paper and just stared at it. Then I slowly opened it. Yep. There was a ring.

It was like somebody had electrocuted me. I was in shock. And for about 5 minutes I couldn't say anything at all. For the first time in my life.... I was speechless. Then it wore off and I began to freak out.

"Bryce, are you freaking serious?! Are you sure you are ready for this? I don't know if we are old enough for this! I don't think I am ready to do this. We can't DO this! Do you know what this means?!" And on and on and on. And all the while, Bryce patiently sat in the drivers seat watching me come unglued. Then after I finally paused for breath, he quietly asked me if I would marry him.

I continued to stare at the ring in my left hand and the box in my right hand. I felt the thoughts creep into my mind of what this ring meant. The ring that I had feared for the last 24 years of my life. The ring that represented my lack of freedom. The ring that meant I couldn't have a career and pursue my dreams. The ring that I had detested and made fun of for the past 6 years. The ring that had taken away so many of my siblings and friends. The ring that would change my life forever.

But then I remembered Bryce. With him things had always been different. He had never forced me, or rushed me, or held me back. It would be different with Bryce and he would let me be whatever I wanted to be. He would encourage my goals and dreams and understand my insecurities. So after making him wait for almost 2 years, I finally said "Yes."

We are getting married June 1, 2012 in the St. George Temple. And with that, Miracles never cease.


  1. Wow! Quite the Story Faith! You got a great guy there if he'd wait through all that! Congrats!

  2. OoooOOoOOOoo! What a great adventure; you two are such a fun couple. Best wishes girly!

  3. Replies
    1. Ya he totally is! He is fantastic and has been very patient. And I am trying to follow your blog... but it won't let me?

  4. I love everything about this post!!! Such a great story. Girl, we need to catch up! I felt so bad that I couldn't make it to your shower (i've been a little under the weather) but i think you are fantastic and i am super excited for you.


  5. I was randomly stalking your blog from Jill's blog and read through your past few posts :) And now you're getting married this weekend!! I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you that I felt very much the same as you in a lot of ways and was more anxious than anything in my life leading up to the day I got married and then it was ALL BETTER AND AWESOME!!! You will love it :)