Monday, October 17, 2011

Social Media

Well... I guess this is my first attempt to embrace the social media that surrounds all of us. I should have started blogging years ago, but it fell to the bottom of my to-do lists. So today my question is this: after we have all these many social media devices surrounding us everywhere.... does it really help to connect us to people or are we more isolated than ever as a society? I feel that we are able to talk to people that we wouldn't normally get to stay in touch with. For instance, I am able to chat with people from Kenya, Mississippi, and Louisiana that I wouldn't normally get to. But last night I found it amusing that me and my five friends were all in the same room, and yet we weren't talking. We were all on facebook or twitter. So in a weird way, I felt isolated even though I was surrounded by people. So I am still debating the pros and cons behind the technology that our world has created...

1 comment:

  1. All things in moderation including social media! Texting isnt conversing, nor is chatting through Facebook in my opinion.

    People are less social, even with all the "social" media devices. They are shorter with one another and colder, so anyone reading this take time to look up from Facebook and go really talk to someone!